SCCA wheel

1971 Donnybrooke L&M Grand Prix
SCCA Continental Challenge

Brainerd Minnesota
August 14-15, 1971

Paddock Parking Pass

Photos © by Tim Winker.
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t71dbcc_01.jpg 5.3K
#1 Lothar Motschenbacher
McLaren M18-Chevrolet

t71dbcc_01b.jpg 4.1K
#1 Motschenbacher
McLaren M18-Chevrolet

t71dbcc_01c.jpg 4.0K
#1 off at Turn 4

t71dbcc_02.jpg 4.1K
#2 at Tech

t71dbcc_02a.jpg 3.7K
#2 Skip Barber
March 711-Ford DFV

t71dbcc_02b.jpg 3.9K
#2 Skip Barber
March 711-Ford

t71dbcc_hansen.jpg 5.6K
Jerry Hansen
(Purchased this track in 1974
and renamed it
Brainerd International Raceway)

t71dbcc_04a.jpg 4.1K
#4 Ron Grable
American Mk1

t71dbcc_04d.jpg 3.4K
#4 Grable

t71dbcc_04c.jpg 4.3K
#4 destroyed in practice
never to return

t71dbcc_04b.jpg 4.9K
Ron Grable standing by
#11 Jim Dittemore`s
Lola T192

t71dbcc_06.jpg 3.1K
#6 - Brett Lunger
Lola T192

t71dbcc_06a.jpg 4.2K
#6 - Brett Lunger
Quickover Lola T192

t71dbcc_10.jpg 4.0K
#10 - David Hobbs
Hogan Racing
McLaren M10B

t71dbcc_hobbsposey.jpg 10.3K
David Hobbs
& Sam Posey

t71dbcc_34a.jpg 3.9K
#34 - Sam Posey
Surtees TS8

t71dbcc_34.jpg 3.1K
#34 - Sam Posey
ChampCarr Surtees TS8

Turn 4
Turn 4
Looks like cars #37, #17, #1

t71dbcc_x1.jpg 4.3K
Turn 7

t71dbcc_x2.jpg 3.8K
Turn 9

t71dbcc_x3.jpg 4.0K
Coming out of Turn 9

t71dbcc_66.jpg 3.5K
#66 - Franz Weis
Chaparral (R)

#66 Franz Weis

t71dbcc_66b.jpg 3.4K
#66 Franz Weis
The only race for this car.

t71dbcc_66b.jpg 3.4K
AutoWeek photo
of Chaparral

t71dbcc_27.jpg 3.5K
#27 - Chris Cook
Surtees TS5 on the hook

t71dbcc_02x.jpg 4.2K
Formula B #2

t71dbcc_57.jpg 3.9K
Formula B #57

Grid Results
Complete Results
1971 Donnybrooke L&M Grand Prix race results:
  1. Brett Lunger, Lola T192
  2. Eppie Weitzes, McLaren M18
  3. Lothar Motschenbacher, McLaren M18
  4. Gerard Raney, Eagle 69
  5. Bill Brack, Lotus 70
  6. Skip Barber, March 711
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I was a 19-year-old Tech Inspector at this race, so was able to take a few shots during practice but not the race itself. If you would like prints of any of these photos, please contact me by clicking on my name below.

- Tim Winker

Thanks to Allen Brown of and to Wolfgang Klopfer for assistance in identifying the cars and drivers, and for providing race results.

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