2002 Cherokee Trails International Rally

Chattanooga, Tennessee
March 15, 2002

Press Stage - Page 2
Photos © by Tim Winker

These photos were taken with an Olympus Stylus Epic Zoom 115 Deluxe using Fuji 800 film

To order photos contact: Wink Timber Motorsports Photography

02030701v.jpg 46.0K
C. Donnelly

02030702v.jpg 50.4K
P. Choiniere

02030703v.jpg 45.1K
J. Drislane

02030704v.jpg 44.8K
T. Lawless

02030705v.jpg 43.8K
S. Burke

02030706v.jpg 59.6K
T. McGeer

02030707v.jpg 52.9K
C. Donnelly

02030709v.jpg 51.7K
J. Drislane

02030710v.jpg 47.5K
T. O'Neil

02030711v.jpg 49.3K
S. Burke

02030712v.jpg 44.6K
M. Nelson

02030713v.jpg 43.9K
H. Krolikowski

02030714v.jpg 49.9K
J. Drislane

02030715v.jpg 55.6K
P. Lahm

02030716v.jpg 51.0K
G. Truess

02030717v.jpg 53.2K

02030718v.jpg 54.3K
T. Paterson

02030719v.jpg 55.6K
P. Richard

02030720v.jpg 50.2K
B. Hourt

02030724v.jpg 47.9K
T. Paterson

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