1978 Press On Regardless

November 4-5, 1978
Houghton, Michigan

Photos © by Tim Winker

Though I had been to the El Diablo PRO Rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin, in 1975 and 1976 as a worker, the first PRO Rally I attended with a car was the 1978 Press On Regardless, where I was part of the crew for the Saab 96-V4 of Bob Nielsen and Dave Fuss. Their rally ended when they hit a tree on the first day.

John Buffum/Doug Shepherd won the event, followed by Taisto Heinonen/Erick Hauge in a Toyota Celica and John Smiskol/Walt Kraft in a Datsun 260Z.

78por_c42a.jpg 4.3K
Leaving Fuss' house for POR

78por_c42b.jpg 4.4K
Nielsen/Fuss Saab 96-V4

78por_c42c.jpg 4.0K
Nielsen/Fuss at the start

78por_saab96.jpg 3.8K
Saab 96
Note exhast over the roof

78por_c00.jpg 4.1K
Buffum/Shepherd TR7

78por_c04.jpg 3.9K
Scott Harvey's
4WD Dodge Aspen

78por_c08.jpg 4.0K
Hendrik Blok
Plymouth Fire Arrow

78por_jones.jpg 3.9K
Eric Jones' Datsun 510

78por_cars1.jpg 4.2K
Cars lining up for Parc Expose

78por_620a.jpg 4.4K
Datsun 620 Pickup

78por_620b.jpg 4.1K
Datsun 620 pickup
Note location of fuel pumps

78por_colt-eng.jpg 4.6K
Dodge Colt engine

78por_c45.jpg 3.5K
Mustang II

78por_c56.jpg 4.0K
Olds Cutlass

Results of 1978 Press On Regardless on Rally Racing News.

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